IMPAC BC is a registered not for profit society made up of a small group of ordinary citizens that have come together during this integral time of government overreach into our personal choices and body autonomy. We have decided to take a stand against the erosion of our choices. Our only vested interest is that of the safety and well being of our families and yours.

We are here to advocate for medical freedom and privacy for all citizens of British Columbia. We believe all citizens have the right to make informed decisions regarding medical procedures, for themselves and their families, without pressure, coercion, manipulation and misinformation from the government or any other source including the media.

When there is a risk, there must be choice.

You deserve the best healthcare possible. The current climate of our healthcare system is one of crisis, and we strive to move it in a more positive and healthy direction. Current medical technologies are essential to the foundation of progress, but there have also been some severe errors within the medical establishment and the for-profit model of health care. The scientific method is rooted in the fact that science is never settled and always in a constant state of peer review and improvement. Due to the growing research in genetics, we know that a one size fits all approach to medicine is neither safe nor effective. Discriminatory registries and mandatory medical procedures can have a dangerous and damaging impact on individual health and society as a whole.

Why we are here:

On July 1, 2019 the BC Mandatory Vaccine Registry was passed by BC Health Minister Adrian Dix without public consultation. This mandate directly infringes upon our constitutional charter rights and freedoms. It compromises medical privacy and results in the segregation of school children. Aligning government policy with liability-free vaccine manufacturers with a vested interest who have never undergone safety testing against neutral placebos is not an appropriate step in creating public policy. We believe in your right to educate before you vaccinate. You have a right to choose what is best for your health and that of your family.

Medical freedom is a universal right as determined during the Nuremberg trials. IMPAC BC is here to protect and maintain those freedoms. 

IMPAC BC acts as a central hub of empowerment through education and community support.

We offer unbiased scientific information, informed consent facts, educational event opportunities,  links to community partners and a chance to dialogue with us! (Share your story or ask your questions in our Chat Room).

Become a member and make an IMPAC on your tomorrow.

How you can help:

Please explore our website. Share your story. Ask questions here. Become a member here.

You are the best advocate for the health of you and your family and we want to keep it that way.

“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless or corrupt.”

-Mahatma Gandhi