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You are the best advocate for the health of you and your family and we want to keep it that way. 

IMPAC BC Is A Non-Profit Society Advocating For Medical Freedoms And Informed Consent For All Citizens Of British Columbia.

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Who​ are we?

IMPAC BC is a group of people who want more from the medical establishment, our politicians and the media. We hope to empower the public by sharing information with compassion and inclusion. We offer support and guidance as we navigate the laws and policies surrounding public health. IMPAC BC provides information and resources to assist citizens of British Columbia in remaining free and in charge of their medical decisions.

Medical freedom is a Universal Right

The right to determine what shall, or shall not, be done with one's own body, and to be free from non-consensual medical treatment, is a right deeply rooted in our common law...every competent adult has the right to be free from unwanted medical treatment...The doctrine of informed consent ensures the freedom of individuals to make choices about their medical care. It is the patient, not the physician, who ultimately must decide if treatment — any treatment — is to be administered. 

Empowering The people!

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